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~*~ Commissions Are Open!!! ~*~

Partially for the fun of it, partially for the money, and partially to get some variety in my DA portfolio.

Here's all the information with pricing and samples!

Interested?  Please send me a note (do not comment here) if you are interested and please have the media and subject in mind.  These are first come, first served.  Thanks!

Slot the First:  OPEN!

Slot the Second:  OPEN!

Slot the Third:  OPEN!
That I know of... oh, good, now I'm paranoid.  Anyway.

So I got a comment from SacredDragon ( ) stating that this person ( ) had posted MY PAINTING ( and notice the emphasis on MINE) and claimed it as one of their own (since, thankfully, deleted).  Thankfully, I was able to report the theft fairly easily (it's hard to argue with "please link you your art here") and it has been removed.

The whole experience was pretty surreal and unsettling.  Then again, I don't think this altercation would have stood for very long - the thief didn't notice my signature on the painting and didn't even try to cover it!
~*~ Commissions Are Open!!! ~*~

Partially for the fun of it, partially for the money, and partially to get some variety in my DA portfolio (which, I am just realizing, is a little top-heavy with “Pokemon” fanart).

Ye Rules:

1) Payment must be through PayPal or with DA Points (only if you insist, because 80 points to one American dollar makes things a tad complicated, also they are useless in reality-land).  Payment must be made in advance.

2) I am limiting myself to three commission slots per month for the moment, and even that depends on the complexity of the requests (I’d be open to more if people mostly want quick pen sketches for example).  Remember, I am human.

3) Acceptable subjects: I am, if I say so myself, pretty darn good at animals and comic/animation-style art, so you may want to pick a subject that would fit my skill there.  I will happily do a portrait of your character but please give me as much reference as possible.  For other subjects, please be patient if it turns out I need to do some research.  I am of the opinion that a client deserves something done well rather than something done carelessly.

4) Unacceptable subjects: I will be frank.  I will not make X-rated art for you.  No nudity, no “fetish fuel”, nothing that would put me on any kind of watchlist.  I am trying to fill my portfolio here, not scare the crap out of potential employers.  I reserve the right to refuse a subject.

Available media and pricing, with closest gallery examples in parenthesis:

* - Quick ballpoint pen/pencil sketches ( - One dollar each

* - Sketch with flat digital color ( - Two dollars each

* - Sketch with analog (pencil, watercolor, ect) color (… - offsite, sorry) - Three dollars each

* - Longer pencil drawing ( - Six dollars each

* - Drawing with flat digital color ( - Eight dollars

* - Drawing with analog color ( - Ten dollars

* - Long watercolor painting ( - Fifteen dollars

* - Long digital painting ( - Twenty dollars (but I’m open to haggling if you don’t want something as complicated as the example)

Interested?  Please send me a note (do not comment here) if you are interested and please have the media and subject in mind.  These are first come, first served.  Thanks!

Slot the First:  OPEN!

Slot the Second:  OPEN!

Slot the Third:  OPEN!
The Pink Dinosaur Project Fairy Tails are still available (along with some other cool stuff) on Ebay:

Cards, Stickers, Shirts, Hats, and other cool stuff with my art on it are available at Zazzle:

And of course, prints available here at DA.  Happy holidays!
The Pink Dinosaur Sketchbook, which contains all the drawings I created for Art Evolved's Pink Dinosaur Project, is up for auction on my Ebay page!  There are also two custom Fairy Tails birds up for auction as well.  95% of the winning bid will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  If you're interested, click the link below and place a bid.

Tell your friends!  Tell your friends friends!  Hurry because the auction ends tomorrow night at 8:00 PM EST!  Good luck and thanks in advance to everyone who bids!

EDIT:  SOLD!  The Fairy Tails are still available though!
There is a thieving jackass out there who is claiming the art of our fellow member Dr. Sakamoto.  We need your help in alerting DA to this copyright infringement.  More information at BondArt's blog:…
My fellow Art Evolved artists have started the Pink Dinosaur Project to benefit cancer research, and we need your help.

You can donate directly here:…

Or you can help by getting your pink marker out and drawing a dinosaur:…

Thank you so much in advance!
For anyone who missed them at the Blog, here they are in chronological order:


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"Thumbelina" (I know, but sadly[???], Netflix doesn't have "Rock-A-Doodle".)

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"Bartok: The Magnificent!"

Wrap-Up Post (And take a look at the comments for that one!)
To anyone joining the Blog after meeting me at Boston Comicon, welcome! For the comfort of others, no smoking please. For those of you standing, please hold on to the handrails throughout our journey and stay clear of the doors.  Por favor mantangense alejado de las puertas. Thank you, and welcome to our highway in the sky!
I fell off the jungle gym and when I woke up, I was here.
Mostly been collecting favorites and artists to follow.  Meanwhile, I'm preparing more pieces to post.
Well, I've finally dipped my toes into the world of Deviant Art.  I've just added three pieces to my gallery.  I'll add more possibly on a rolling basis.  They are also all available as prints!
I had been kicking around the idea of creating this account for a while and randomly decided to do so today.  I am not going to upload anything until January, I just wanted it mostly ready for then.